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More Customer Comments

"I have had arthritis pain for the last 20 years. For the first time, I have no pain at all, which allows me to walk much better. There are no more cramps in my hands and my hair is starting to grow back it's natural brown color."

Patricia, Rancho Murieta CA

"Over the years, I have purchased more than one health product (through infomercials & elsewhere) that never came close to fulfilling the exorbitant advertising claims of its Sales & Marketing promoters, but let me be quick to assert that GHR-15 has NOT been similarly disappointing. In fact, I'm astounded at its results!

First, a bit about myself:

I'm a peri-menopausal 53 year old Caucasian American female of northwest European descent, and mother of two. With the exception of a cholecystectomy in 1983, and the curative excision of a stage 1 malignant melanoma in 1997 (requiring no further treatment of any kind), I have always enjoyed good health. I neither drink, smoke, nor take any medications; I eat a sensible diet, and do a moderate amount of brisk daily walking. However, in the last few years, I have been unhappily noticing some unwelcome signs of aging. Therefore, when I heard your radio broadcast in the San Francisco Bay Area this August, I immediately ordered my first supply of GHR-15...

And here are the initial excellent effects I've experienced:

1. Within the first few days of taking your product as directed, I was actually shocked to discover a very profound decrease in the frequency & urgency of both diurnal & nocturnal urination. Having to void my bladder every 2 hours around the clock was one of the banes of my existence, but visits to the restroom shrank down to only about four per every 24 hour period by the time I was just halfway through the first 5 doses of my GHR-15 regimen...

2. Within the first week or so of starting on GHR-15, I realized the dull aching pain I was accustomed to feeling in my hip joints upon
getting out of bed & rising from a sitting position throughout the day & evening had completely disappeared. This did not happen as a gradual reduction of stiffness & discomfort. To my total amazement, the symptoms simply vanished all at once, well before I was even halfway through my first container of your product...

3. Within the first month of taking this incredible restorative agent, I was also delighted to see a truly stunning decrease in the amount of scalp hair coming out on my hairbrush every day. In recent years, I've been dismayed to find that I was shedding more hair than the amount that regularly grew in, with the depressing result of an increasingly thinning head of hair. I got used to removing handfuls of lost hair from my brush daily, but that stopped entirely, long before I was halfway through my first order of GHR-15...

4. I'm approximately 1/3 of the way through my 3rd container of GHR-15 as I write this letter, and I've noticed one other improvement since beginning the use of your product: my wedding ring fits less snuggly, even slipping around on my finger, so I assume I've lost a little weight, although I've not changed my eating or exercising habits since I've been taking this non-drug "fountain of youth" health aid. 

If these are the only wonderful benefits I ever gain from using GHR-15, I'll still be extremely satisfied with your product, but (since hope springs eternal) I look forward to reporting more outstanding results in the future, as I continue taking this suppliment in the months to come. Barring any unforeseen problematic side-effects, I expect to be a regular GHR-15 user for life! 

Thank you so much for this unexpected & exceedingly appreciated blessing of well-being."

Candi, San Francisco CA

"Once I started on GHR-15, I was at 267lbs. Now only 30-days later, I'm 30 lbs lighter. Also, I used to wake up four to five times a night. Now I comfortably sleep solid throughout the entire night."

Robert, 48

"I have been taking GHR15 for 7 weeks and I must tell you that my energy is up, up, up, up!!! I feel so much better since I started to take it. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and IBS and neither ailment is causing me any problems. I am a positive thinker and feel sure that this is a great product. Thank you for the opportunity to say thanks."

Ruth (I am 72 yrs young)

"GHR-15 has turned a 38 year old personal trainer into the shape of a fine tuned college athlete. My own fitness program has been turned up a few notches, not to mention sleeping better. My skin is smoother and my libido is rocking the house!

I was in good shape and my diet was excellent before I started taking GHR-15, which is probably why I'm seeing the huge benefits of this product at present. I can't say what kind of impact GHR15 will have on just anyone, but I will speak for myself -- it works! I feel as though I have 20 years added to my prime. Many thanks to those who are responsible for creating this product".

Roger, Salt Lake City

"I now have a lot of energy in the afternoons, and my sex drive is marvelous! I went from 106 lbs. to 102, and am hoping I don't lose any more weight, my stomach looks flat, for 40 years old I feel great, I still lift weights...I love this stuff.

Ruth Uhl

"I started taking GHR-15 9 months ago, and can't believe the results. I just can't believe it! I went from a 33 inch waist to 29 (my old high-school size) almost immediately (within 2 months). Yes, I had to replace my clothes over this time...gladly! And that's just for starters. My graying hair is now dark brown like before, and the energy I have allowed me to take up snow-boarding this season, eventually mastering the expert terrain and the terrain parks -- and I'm pushing 41!"

But the best part was this spring when I beat a 29 year old tri-athlete to the summit of a nearby mountain and he just had to ask 'how old are you anyway?' I said 'guess!'. He replied '28'. I said 'no, try again bub!'. '27' he said. He, he, he...I said 'close enough'.

Did I say the best part? I'm mistaken...the best part is the considerable and very serious attention I've been getting from girls 10 to 16 years younger than me:) Thanks very, very much for a miracle product that really works.

Jian, Off the Internet

Hello. I am a personal shopper (part-time) and spend a considerable amount of time dealing with many customer service representative from many companies. I must say that I have found yours to be OUTSTANDING!! No long waits to speak with someone, and when I do, they seem to actually know what business they're in! Every time I have called, problems are resolved quickly. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!!

Kathy Zelaya

"After taking GHR15, my arthritis pain in my wrist, knee, and foot has been eliminated. Just reaching for a cup of coffee was painful in my right hand. This is no longer a problem. Also my sleep is better than ever."

Betty, SC

"My husband is already starting to re-grow hair on his bald head. His gray head is being replaced with some strands of his auburn colored hair. He is also noticing my strawberry blonde hair color coming back. People are asking me "are you losing weight?", which is funny, because my husband and I have both lost about 3 lbs without trying. I can feel the extra energy. My face is toning and firming. My double chin almost gone. I've had laser surgery done to my eyes and my allergies now distort my vision, however, since taking the GHR15, even with my allergies, my vision is clearer than ever."

Joyce, MO

"I began taking GHR15 last Wednesday, just 6 days ago, and by Sunday two separate people have commented that I must have lightened my hair...I was a platinum Blonde in my childhood. The first night I took GHR15 I slept better than I have in 2 years, but this biggest difference I see is that I wake with a high energy level, and I carry that same high energy level all through the day until I lay down to go to sleep! NO groggy mornings, NO 2:30 PM naps required, and NO falling into bed exhausted at night! I was concerned that going to bed with so much energy would make it hard to fall asleep, but that hasn't occurred. I can't WAIT to see what a year of taking GHR15 will do for me! Thank You!"

Claudia in PA

"This is the only thing that has actually made a difference in my wife's fibromyalgia. GHR-15 has given my wife a new outlook on life."

Eliott, California

"I have been taking your product since January and after 4 months I believe you are on to something here. I have lost 10lbs of fat and increased my strength to a maximum bench press of 300lbs. At 176 pounds I feel great. All this and I have not modified my diet at all. I sleep better and have more energy throughout the day. I know something about fitness. I have been running a personal training business part time for a few years now and I am approaching 40 years old. Needless to say I am always concerned about my appearance. I will continue to keep you updated on my progress with this product but for now count me as one who is extremely happy."

Richard, New York

"I am sure you will be interested to know that on the third week, in addition to all of the good things you literature predicted would happen, I have a totally unexpected bonus. My back stopped hurting when I stand or walk! I am 77 years old and have had an arthritic back for over 30 years. I have tried everything to get relief. In the last few months, I have reached the point where I could neither stand nor walk for any practical purposes. I saw two orthopedic doctors and one neurologist and cancelled a second neurologist appointment in despair. I had numerous x-rays and an MRI. They all sang the same song -- pain pills. The pills I was taking were bad for me and my choices were NSAIDS or pain management clinics. I tried the NSAIDS and within a month I had two ulcers for which I am now undergoing treatment. My wife and I love to dance and we were to the point where it was hardly even worth the effort. I am not stopping dancing anymore because I am hurting -- I now stop because I am tired. Needless to say, I am working on getting my strength and endurance back. I trust your GHR15 will help in this effort. I have become one of your most active boosters."

Carl, Texas

"I'm writing to tell you what a great product GHR15 is! I started taking it in April 2000 and did not notice much of a change, so I quit taking it. Then on my 50th birthday I had some pictures taken of me. A few weeks later when I saw these photos, I was shocked to see how heavy I really was. With much persistence from my friend, I went back and started taking GHR15 again and today, 7 months later, I've lost over 30 pounds and went from a size 14 to size 6. I sleep better then I have in years. I feel better then I have in years. This is truly a miracle."


"I've been on GHR15 for three months and have notice immediate benefits. I enjoy the fact that I experienced no leg cramps every night anymore and for three straight months, my breathing has improved to point that I don't need to take any of my asthma medication, which was $200 a month."

Cameron, Age 71

"I am astounded at the effect of seven weeks with GHR-15. The earliest, most profound change was an increase in energy and feeling of well-being. That has continued to increase, prompting this letter. Today, I feel as though I am 25 instead of 51. The visual effects have been startling! My arm muscles have become larger, tighter and stronger with very, very little effort. I have noticed a decided increase in muscle size and decrease in fat in my upper torso and my legs. Every muscle feels stronger and more compact. Wrinkles have nearly disappeared, and this week I noticed that I had little need for my reading glasses anymore, something I thought was an incurable problem. My sleep is better than ever, and I am observing new hair growth in opposition to decades of balding. I shave my head and have noticed a distinctly greater area of scalp that has to be shaved since starting with GHR-15. This week, I am starting my 80-year old mother on this product, as I have had absolutely no side effects from using it. No way would I ever ask for my money back!!!"

Charles Hasbrouck

"As an optometrist, I've always been taught that cataracts are irreversible. However, my personal experience with GHR15 has given me a whole new prospective. I've had cataracts on my eyes for the last five years. After taking the GHR15 for seven weeks, according to what I can see, my vision has improved in the daylight, nighttime, and reading. I have cancelled my cataract surgery now that most of my symptoms are eliminated."

Dr Milton Franklin - Optometrist

"Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Five years ago when I was 32 years old, I was diagnosed with Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and Rheumatoid Arthiritis (RA). To make a long story short, I refused the treatments offered by the doctors (they could only treat symptoms, not reverse or cure the diseases). I then chose to take matters into my own hands. When I changed my diet (and the diet of my four children) to a strict vegan diet - - NO animal protein at all, we saw almost immediate results. Within one month the swelling in my joints was gone, and the pain associated with RA was mostly gone. The kids stopped getting sick all the time, but I still struggled with CFS and some Lupus symptoms. Over the last five years I've tried every "snake oil treatment" available to mankind. Although all of my Lupus symptoms have slowly disappeared over time, probably due to the diet changes, I have had a chronic disabling problem with lack of energy and multiple daily black outs due to chronic low blood pressure problems. My lowest BP on record was when I was pregnant with my 4th child: 74/undetectable!

However, I began taking GHR15 in early August 2000. Within two weeks I realized I was not having anymore black outs! I am now able to do things "normal" people can do without passing out! I haven't even had head rushes or anything! In fact, I have no symptoms of any disease at all anymore! 

Thank you for giving me my life back. I have four wonderful children and a wonderful supportive husband, and I'm so thankful I am now able to enjoy them. Recently I've tried to make it a habit to walk around a little lake in our area every afternoon with the family. What a wonderful activity I am now able to enjoy! I'll be taking GHR15 for the rest of my life, not because I want to extend my life, but because I want to enjoy life to it's fullest with the people I love.

Thank you for developing and marketing this wonderful lifesaving product. It has given me my life back!"


I heard the advertisement on the radio and ordered three months' supply. I am so happy I did. The next day, after the first dose, I worked like I did when I was much younger, without the dragged out feeling over in the late evening. I am really impressed with the product and I have shared it with my friends who really appreciate knowing about it.


In March, 2000, I started taking GHR15. About three weeks later, for the first time in years my sleep improved and my energy level increased.

It is now five months that I am taking GHR15 -- my hair is thicker, the gray is almost gone, and I feel light on my feet. My face looks younger and my friends are noticing this. I now know that GHR15 is truly a miracle and wanted all my friends to start taking the product as well, so I became a distributor.

For 27 years, I saved lives as a lifeguard on Miami beach. Now, I feel like I am doing it again.


I received my shipment on July 21st and took my first dosage on the 22nd. The Sunday morning I awoke and took a shower, cleaned my house, stooped to clean the crisper of my refrigerator, which needed cleaning for some time because my knees hurt whenever I bend them. I also cooked, walked on the treadmill, did the laundry, took another shower and went shopping at Sterns. Why is this such a big deal? For months I would literally drag myself to work and was in a coma on weekends. I had no energy. My husband did the laundry, I paid someone to iron, and what he didn't do never got done.

I think you have mislead me when the customer service rep told me it would take three months to see results. I felt instant results. I believe this is the best money I have spent in a long time. I have no known ailments and I purchased GHR15 for weight loss only. I weighed 225 pounds I am 5 feet 5 inches and lost 5 pounds over the last week with only three days of exercise. Thank you for inventing GHR15.


Just a note on my experiences with GHR15. I have been using this product for only one month. I am a 52 year old female, and even though I am healthy, I started to experience cold sweats and hot flashes due to my entering menopause. This problem was causing me great distress. I would break out in a cold sweat, steam up my glasses in meetings, driving the car, you name it.

After just one week on this product, they stopped, completely. At one time I even considered taking hormone replacement as a last resort. I feel great now. I can't wait to see what other changes will occur after 2 and 3 months. Thanks for the great product.

Jennifer M. Schliem 

It has been 3 weeks -- my mom looks like she had a facelift and her hair is growing in auburn. This is amazing. Her scheduled eye surgery has been cancelled. The skin above the eyes has resumed its elasticity and no longer is intrusive on her eyesight. Wow!


"I wanted to thank your company for the tremendous results that I achieved in the past seven months while using your product. I have more energy and gained more muscle mass then in previous years. I am 39 years old and have been weight lifting for the past 19 years. I feel like I am in my 20's again."


My husband and I are both on ghr15 (going on 4th week) and already I have seen an increase in energy. As I have fibromyalgia and do not want to use drugs, I am happy to report better sleep and improved energy. If GHR15 takes away the muscle pain I will remain a customer for life!!

Cindy Ward

Our doctor recommended the GHR15 to my husband. At the time I was skeptical and did not try the product. However, my husband did try it and because of his fabulous results, I've just started on the program. He was scheduled to have surgery on his feet due to his hammered toes. Since he has been on the GHR15, his toes have rapidly healed and are almost cured. We were happy to cancel the scheduled surgery. He has gotten much more energy, he's sleeping through the night, he was able to cut down on his insulin and his feet no longer throb!

Judith and Lewis Foutz

I wanted to write and thank you personally for introducing me to GHR15. I was a bit skeptical when I first began taking the product, but after your claims of a better night sleep, I wanted to give it a try.

In all honesty. I have to say WOW! After three weeks of taking GHR15, I began sleeping the entire night. I have so much energy and my thought process is clearer than it has ever been.

I have noticed some: other things happening to my body as a whole that I would like to share with you. I had been working out two or three times per week without noticeable results. I hired a personal trainer and still nothing remarkable. After beginning the GHR15, my arms have increased 2 inches and my legs are now well defined. My skin and hair look better and I've lost about 6 pounds. All this after only two months.

This product has overwhelmed me. I've already start recommending it to my patients. Again, thank you so much for letting me in on your secret. I love it.

Dr. Ed Bolden

I've just completed my first two weeks of using the GHR15 product. I accidentally found out about the product from listening to a PBS radio station one weekend, and the benefits touted caught my attention, especially as a sleeping aide.

I'm a 53 year old white male in general good health, although probably overweight by 20 pounds (5'10"/210 lbs). Most people think I look less than being in my 50's. In fact, my Father's family history is one of healthy longevity--- he just turned 90 and most of his siblings survived into their 90s. Since taking this HGH "releaser" I've noticed I have more energy (not as tired after working my stressful management job each day, and my graying hair now has some color returning. Also, after having some sleeping problems during the last 7 years, I'm now sleeping through the night even though I must get up 1-3 times a night to empty my bladder (enlarged prostrate condition).

In the past, after I'd return to bed from the bathroom, I'd have trouble getting back to sleep---not any more. To sleep at night, I had been using Advil or Benadryl Allergy when I've had sleep problems. I guess using that stuff too often isn't the best, but I've always rationalized that lack of sleep is even a worse alternative. Haven't used any of this Advil or Benadryl stuff now for two weeks. I've also had problems over the last several years with weak, painful knee joints---I've noticed they don't bother me very much any more now. I'm also hoping that this product will help me reduce my weight as it claims by reducing my body fat and increasing muscle mass.

I'm not endorsing or recommending GHR15 to anyone, only sharing what I've noticed since I've been taking it for two weeks. I know my body pretty well, so I'm confident on what I've noticed about these changes.


I had an interesting experience recently. My youngest daughter was standing behind me discussing something or another when she started running her fingers through my hair. Now I've been bald from the middle of my head to my forehead for about twenty years, and the remaining hair was pretty thin.

'Dad! Something is different about your hair,' my daughter said. 'It's thicker, maybe?'
After three months on your Growth Hormone Releaser (GHR15) there is definitely a difference in the way my hair looks. Solid white for years, my hair is darker, has more body, and I have hair in that bald spot at the front of my head. I started noticing these changes after less than a month on GHR15.

As I have aged (I just turned 54), I also noticed undesirable changes in facial hair -- dark, hard whiskers that caused blemishes and increased hair on and in the ears. With GHR15, these changes have mostly reversed.

In addition, in the first month I lost about ten pounds without changing my eating habits that I was aware of. I'm disappointed that I haven't lost any more weight, but I have noticed that I've taken my belt up a notch and trousers that once were on the verge of too tight are now comfortable. I suppose somehow my body is rearranging the weight it carries?

There may be other, more subtle changes, but they are difficult to pin down. In any case, I intend to stay on GHR15 indefinitely. I believe it is that good. Thanks for introducing me to this product.

Tom Badgett, Tennessee

I had to write this letter because I am truly shocked at what GHR15 is doing for me. Like any new products that sound too good to be true, I was full of skepticism. But, having taken GHR15 for my first 3-month cycle, I can say without hesitation that the product does, in fact, release my own human growth hormone.

Coincidentally, at the same time I started taking the product I had blood work done as part of my routine physical exam. While there, I asked to have my IGF-1 measured as a starting point. It was at 235. After three months, I had my blood drawn again and tested for the IGF-1 level. It had soared to over 380. This confirmed why I felt so good.

The best part is the 39 pounds I lost with no intentional change in my daily routine. I say "intentional change" because I had no intention of changing my routine when I started on the product. But, the incredible energy I experienced virtually forced me to become more active. And I cannot express in words how good I feel because of GHR15. This product simply makes me feel great all over. My husband and two brothers and their wives are all taking GHR15 now because of what they have seen in me.

Thanks again and good luck.

Teresa Wilson, Oregon