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GHR Canada approached Ottawa freelance writer, Patrick MacAdam, to acquaint him with GHR 15. He was provided audio tapes of radio interviews and copies of all existing literature on GHR 15. He then asked if it might be possible for him to be put in touch with a user to monitor his or her experience.
Mr. MacAdam made no promises. He is under no obligation to GHR Canada. The only commitment he made was that he would faithfully record and write a daily diary and allow GHR Canada to reprint it. GHR Canada has no financial obligations to Mr. MacAdam.
GHR Canada , Ottawa, linked Mr. MacAdam up with "Anthony" (not his real name) who was about to begin a GHR 15 program.
What follows is Mr. MacAdam's diary (un-edited) which will be up-dated daily.
"Anthony" is 65, semi-retired and going through a phase in life he finds uncomfortable. He suffers from anxiety, stress and tension, mild depression, lack of energy, leans to procrastination and his nightly sleep is "broken" sleep.
His family doctor prescribed an anti-depressant which helped a little. He also tried acupuncture and massage and, while there was immediate relief, it was not long lasting.
He decided to try GHR-. He is taking the csompound five consecutive nights and stopping the next two nights. The cycle is repeated each week. He was agreed to share his experience with me. Neither of us knows where this treatment will lead but we do know GHR- is made from all-natural ingredients and that it is harmless to health and non-addictive
I watched "Anthony" dissolve two scoops of GHR in 3-4 ounces of water. The powder is water soluble and there are no dregs. "Anthony" pronounced it pleasant tasting. As instructed, he put the opened container in his fridge.
We spoke by phone and 9.20 a.m. and "Anthony" told me he still had restless, broken sleep last night. He said "one swallow doesn't make a Spring" but that he felt somewhat better. He didn't  have the same degree of anxiety ("there didn't seem to be as many butterflies in my stomach") or the feeling of a tight steel band around his forehead. He said because his expectations for GHR are high he is aware there might be a 'placebo effect.' Nevertheless, he said he hadn't felt this good for many weeks. He also said he didn't have his regular morning bathroom flatulence.
10.20 p.m. "Anthony" checked in to report he had taken Dose # 2 and still feels "perkier" than he has felt for some time.
"Anthony" logged in by phone at 9.30 to report he was only awake once last night. He said he woke up at 2.00 a.m., went to the bathroom , went back to bed and slept right through till 7.00 a.m. He said he is beginning to feel like the Police Chief in Casablanca who told Humphrey Bogart "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
Of course, "Anthony" was referring to a user friendly relationship with GHR. He still experiences mild anxiety and says he finds it difficult to relax, to read a book, to watch TV. "My mind keeps racing at top speed and I can't totally relax. I will be taking my GHR around 10.30 tonight again. I am supposed to take it on an empty stomach at bedtime."
"Anthony" says he knows and feels there are subtle changes happening in his body but he just can not put a finger on them. He feels better generally but he still has anxiety and tension and cannot relax fully. His appetite seems better. This morning, instead of his normal coffee with his newspaper, he had two soft poached eggs on white toast and "devoured them hungrily." He says he still has a compulsive urge that everything has to be done right away and that even a small list of tasks seems like a mountain to him. He told his family doctor he was taking GHR and he asked "Anthony" to keep him posted. Anthony was awake only once last night and slept from 1.00 a.m. straight through to 7.30. "Anthony" had a check-up at his doctor's office and all his vital signs are A-OK. He gets the results of his blood tests next week.
DAY 5 - October 2, 1999
"Anthony" reported another good night's sleep - "only woke up once at 2.00 a.m.
but went right back to bed and slept till 7.00." What woke me up was a blinding
headache but I got that from MSG in Spring Rolls. Lots of water and a brisk walk
and it was gone by 9.00. "Anthony" takes Dose # 5 tonight and skips the next two
days. He says the anxiety and tension are lessening: "Last night I watched an action movie - Jean Claude Van Damme - for 2 1/2 hours and, for the longest time
I wasn't fidgety. I watched the whole movie and found my mind was relaxing, allowing me to escape into the plot without a thousand other thoughts racing through my brain. It was a welcome feeling.

"Anthony" ended Week One of his GHR "milkshakes" last night and will skip the next two days before resuming the cycle again. He said this morning that his wife is noticing positive changes after only one week  His disposition is better, his appetite has picked up and he is sleeping better. "Anthony" himself says his wife is considering starting on GHR- too. After just one week he had nothing but positive things to say - nothing negative whatsoever. He says he detects positive signs in his bodily functions, his thought processes seem clearer and any obsessive-compulsive leanings he has are dissipating."
"Anthony" suggested that "a word with the wife" might be useful at this point because maybe she sees things I donít. Mrs. "Anthony" said that after only one week she notices changes for the better. He is not as moody, he doesnít nap as often during the day, he is more energetic and, slowly, he is beginning to relax. She said she will start on GHR- tonight when "Anthony" resumes his five day cycle. "Anthony" says he feels a lot better and slept well last night and ate a lumberjack breakfast this morning.
 DAY 8, OCTOBER 6, 1999
"Anthony" and his wife both took GHR last night - she for the very first time. "Anthony" said he had a busy day, was tired and went to bed shortly after l0.30 p.m. He slept right through until 7.00 a.m. - no broken sleep for the first time in years. He hopes it is a harbinger of things to come because he says he must have a tremendous sleep deficit. He says "all my other systems are go" and he feels great.
"Anthony" said this morning that two nights of unbroken sleep in a row was too much to ask for. However, he only awakened once at l.00 a.m. but promptly went back to a deep, restful sleep until 7.30. He said: "I should have told you earlier on that all my life six hours sleep is enough for me. What is important, even though I woke up once, is that I arose feeling refreshed ready to meet the day." He says, "since going on GHR he finds he has more energy and no wish to sit around "moping and feeling sorry for myself. Now, I want to get up and at it. I also find when I sleep I am not plagued by crazy problem solving dreams. I sleep soundly."
DAY 10
"Anthonyís" wife says that in recent years unfinished chores or "things to do used to bother him. Now, he seems more serene, calm and stoic and he does everything without grumbling. I once thought he was compulsive-obsessive, always nit picking. Now, heís a pleasure to be around. I canít describe in words the turnaround I see in just under two weeks."
DAY 11, OCTOBER 9, 1999
"Anthony" says he might have slept through the night except for tree branches slapping against their bedroom window. He awakened refreshed at 7.30 a.m. and says he seems to be losing some of the fatigue that has constantly plagued him. His appetite is better. "What else can I say," he said. Tomorrow night he ends the five day cycle of Week # 2 and he is optimistically elated with results "even this early."
 DAY  12, OCTOBER 12, 1999
"Anthony" says he feels like "heís becoming a new man - reinvigorated, healthier, more alert and more concerned about what is going on around him - and - he says he thinks it is happening in Seven League Boots and not by inches. Tonight he takes dose # 10, completes his second cycle and takes two days off. His wife agrees with everything he has said: "yesterday was a very errand packed day and that would normally be stressful for him. He didnít bat an eyelash and was a real dear even when we went shopping several places."
 DAY 13
"Anthony" is on his two day hiatus from GHR and resumes his 5-day cycle tomorrow evening. "What can I say thatís  new" he asked. "I feel good all around and the only thing Iíve noticed I didnít mention before is that when I wake up in the morning I donít have tearing in my eyes and I donít have to wait 15-20 minutes for them to focus. Hopefully, this will be a long lasting side effect and a welcome one."
DAY 14 - OCTOBER 12, 1999
"Anthonyís" wife says he was a "whirling dervish yesterday" and "itís great to see him regaining his old form. We had the tribe in for a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving turkey dinner and he did most of it.
He stuffed the bird with his great oyster stuffing, peeled the carrots, turnips and potatoes and roasted and carved the turkey. Then he washed all the dishes and all the pots and pans and put them away. All I had to do was bake two pumpkin pies. Itís wonderful to see him coming back."
 DAY 15, OCTOBER 13, 1999
"Anthony" said this morning: "what else can I tell you? Iím running out of spit trying to find something new to say. All systems are GO. I am A-OK and I am getting more and more A-OK every passing day. Everything is positive but I guess thatís the way it is supposed to be, isnít it? GHR- has my vote."
ANTHONY - DAY 16, OCTOBER 14, 1999
"Anthony" joked this morning that his wife told him "now donít you get carried away and think you can leap tall buildings in a single bound." He sounds really "up" and  it is obvious from his voice over the phone. He is an intensely private person but he did say it was OK to write that GHR has also improved conjugal relations which had been on the wane
DAY 17, OCTOBER 15, 1999
"Anthony" says heís feeling so good he wishes he could bottle the feeling and sell it on the market. "Itís like being reborn without the aid of mind altering chemicals like tranquilizers and anti-depressants. The real bonus of GHR is that I am ingesting only natural compounds."  His voice sounds much stronger and confident booming over the telephone line.
Since this file is getting pretty lengthy we are going to start to update weekly
GHR Canada
"Week 3 Oct. 28"
"Anthony" starts his fourth five day cycle tonight and he has levelled off but "not to worry, Iím where I want to be, Iím back to my old self and I feel great mentally and physically". He says he hasnít experienced even a "scintilla" of an anxiety attack in some time, he is eating and sleeping "like I used to". He says he doesnít know the meaning of the word procrastinate anymore and "there arenít enough hours in a day for me to accomplish what I want to do. I donít waste time watching mindless TV and I donít sit like a couch potato feeling sorry for myself". His wife concurs with everything he says.
"Anthony" says he has reached that point in his GHR- program that he has stopped counting days and weeks. His five day cycles are routine now and he says he hasnít felt this good and this productive in years. He says life is more meaningful to him and his relationship with his wife is as if they were newlyweds again. "What else can I say? I donít want to be repetitive."